Here is a summary of the initial apps that TMF is developing in 2020



The purpose of the Missions social network and app market is to help mission leaders and participants advance their missions.

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Leaf is a product that will enable supporters of faith-based organizations, missions and missionaries, and social causes to contribute to them.

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Peer is an online peer and counseling support platform that provides convenient and confidential access to a peer, mentor, licensed therapist and/or spiritual advisor.

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TMF is committed to doing our part In response to the coronavirus pandemic. We intend to mobilize reliable community contributors to assist people.

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TMF envisions utilizing an incubator or “Innovation Center” that helps business-side teams (1 to 5 team members) conceptualize and lead the creation, evolution and business management of products for TMF’s marketplaces. TMF will provide mentors, training and the product development team to bring the business-side teams’ ideas to life. The teams will share in the revenue and equity interest of the products.