Missions is (i) a community with features similar to Facebook and LinkedIn; and (ii) an app market with features similar to Google Play or Caterpillar’s apps market.

The purpose of the Missions social network and app market is to help mission leaders and participants advance their missions.

Missionaries connect with their local communities, organizers, volunteers and supporters; create profiles highlighting their current mission and prior mission experience; share the needs and prayer requests of their missions and communities; and support one another with their time, talents, treasures and testimonies.

Primary Benefits to a Missionaries:

Primary Benefits to Supporters:

Technology:  Missions will create websites and mobile apps for Android and iOS operating systems that facilitate “online marketplace”-type search and communications functionality analogous to Pinterest, Indeed for careers, Kayak for flights, Airbnb for housing or LinkedIn for professional networking.

Phase I:  Missions will proactively gather data on all missionaries and missions willing to share information with us to obtain additional financial and non-financial support and seamlessly communicate with existing and potential supporters, fellow missionaries and subject matter experts who can assist a missionary with a relevant solution to address a specific need.

Once website and mobile apps have been created and initial data on missions and missionaries has been aggregated, Missions will promote the website and provide 24/7 support of live “mission helpers” to assist missionaries and missions obtain additional resources and address needs that better lives.

Missions App Market

  1. Nativo — marketplace for indigenous communities to sell handmade products
  2. Aimbu — ecommerce site for handmade products created by women of three Peruvian Amazon tribes
  3. MissionaryMatch — matches missionaries with relevant missions
  4. Testimony — aggregation of all testimonies, including near-death experiences (NDEs)
  5. Bless — marketplace for missionaries to receive free products and services
  6. Lend — marketplace for borrowers to match with and apply to bank and non-bank lenders focused on social impact
  7. Shelter — marketplace for arranging free lodging or tourism experiences, for missionaries and pastors
  8. Promise — online dating service for volunteers, missionaries and social workers devoting their lives to serving others

Social Causes

This platform is a social network with comparable features and functionalities to Missions.  The difference is Social Causes is a platform for non-faith-based social initiatives, particularly those led by both for-profit and non-profit social enterprises.