PPESupply.ngo is an initiative sponsored by the Miles Foundation to help fill the gap in the shortage of personal protective equipment in the US.

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Crisis Borne

The Miles Foundation understands the different problems that emerged because of the coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of this crisis, one of the most apparent challenges that we face is the lack of personal protective equipment for our health workers, first responders, essential workers, and the public at large. In response, we have pivoted our efforts to address this concern, hence, the creation of PPESupply.ngo.

Factory Direct

PPE Supply is committed to sourcing and shipping its products directly from factories.  We streamline the supply chain so that the customer receives cost-efficient, high quality products straight from our factory or manufacturing partners. Ordering a product directly from the factory eliminates the middleman.

Charitable Social Enterprise

The online portal is driven by social impact, and not monetary gains. 100% of our net proceeds go to charities and charitable initiatives that help those who are affected by the pandemic. The revenue we have collected so far has already reached families across the globe providing them with their most salient needs such as food packs and cash aids.